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Fictions (2022) Full Movie English Sub Dramacool

Fictions (2022) Full Movie English Sub Dramacool


“I am writing to confirm that I am alive”
Yoon-soo feels anxious “Do I have to fill it out? Why not just leave it empty?”
Eun-kyeong stays in anxiety “Sometimes I feel like a character in a novel”
Chi-won confirms what is behind his anxiety “Does anxiety eat your soul?”
Joo-hee embraces anxiety Beings living with their own share of anxiety,
Yoon-soo (Kim Kwon-hoo), Eun-kyeong (Lee Tae-kyoung), Chi-won (Park Jong-hwan), Joo-hee (Goo Ja-eun) live precariously in an entangled relationship. It’s disturbing, but that’s how it is. Credits : HanCinema

Other Name: 픽션들


Duration: Mint

Released: 2022-11-24

Cast: ,

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