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The Servant Paul (2022) Full Movie English Sub Dramacool

The Servant Paul (2022) Full Movie English Sub Dramacool


From servants of men to servants of the Lord!
The servant Kim Chang Sik becomes the Paul of Joseon. Outraged by the rumor that Westerners abduct and boil Joseon children, Kim Chang Sik enters Ohlinger missionary’s house as a servant to find evidence. However, contrary to expectations, he begins to be moved by the kindness and gift of the Ohlinger missionary couple, and his life changes when he encounters the phrase “the Simon on the Mount” in the Bible they handed over. In the same year, Kim Chang Sik, who received the world from Appenzeller missionary and became an official member, later joined the missionary work in Pyongyang with James Hall missionary, and difficult hardships await him… Meet the story of Kim Chang Sik, the ‘Paul of Joseon’ who became the first Korean pastor in 1901!

Other Name: 머슴 바울


Duration: Mint

Released: 2022-11-24

Cast: N/A

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